Nothing says summer like….

Nothing says summer like...

We took our toddler strawberry picking for the first time at the end of June. For the first time that I’ve gone, it wasn’t hot, humid and sticky but rather pleasant. Sunny blue skies with no humidity! Definitely a welcome change as there is absolutely zero shade in a strawberry patch. Makes me appreciate commercial strawberry pickers even more.

Of course, preceding this trip to the strawberry patch was the introduction of strawberries to our toddler to make sure he wasn’t allergic to them. I had wanted to wait to test strawberries until we could give him fresh ones (not ones that had been trucked hundreds of kilometres) so the timing is limited. I missed last June/July so this year it was! And he was fine – phew.

I’m guessing like most of the other kids, he stood in the patch eating berry after berry while we tried to pick as many to take home as we could. Then came the mass processing – washing, cutting the greens off and freezing. I also tried canning a no pectin strawberry jam, which turned out marvellously. Got to use our candy thermometer for the first time! I’ve learned that greener strawberries naturally contain more pectin so next year, note to self, I need to bring home a few part-green ones for jamming.

Next up: raspberry picking. We had wanted to go blueberry picking but the farms closest to us seem to have all lost their crop during our tough winter!