Bike lane experimentation in Vancouver

This is a video on the segregated bike lane that was installed on Dunsmuir Street in downtown Vancouver. They’re trying a few different options for vehicle/bicycle barriers and they’ve also had to integrate the bus system/bus stops into the design.

Compare to Ottawa’s video on their new segregated bike lane on Laurier Avenue West in downtown, which opened in July 2011 as part of a two-year pilot project. Apparently this is the first set of segregated bike lanes in the province! How unbelievable is that!?

The bike lane in Ottawa has been somewhat controversial as everyone adjusts to the changes; importantly, the design has been tweaked over time to accommodate neighbourhood needs. Vancouver has done a great job with creating bike lanes all over the city (and to municipalities beyond), making cycling a more accessible mode of transportation. Ottawa has bike lanes that start and end out of nowhere but the infrastructure is slowly improving.