About me

To eat. To travel. To live. Three priorities in my life.

Not just to eat, but to eat well and to always think about what I am eating. Not just to travel, but to learn about others and in turn to question my own thinking, habits, and assumptions. Not just to live, but to do the things that I enjoy and to learn how to change the things that I may not enjoy so much into learning experiences (or to learn to just be okay).

If I have to try to summarize the top 3 factors that influence my decision-making, it would likely be:

  • the effects on the environment and in turn my health;
  • the need to push back on the draws of a consumeristic society; and
  • the desire to enjoy my surroundings (wherever I may be).

I live in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada’s capital city) with my awesome partner and our child. We’re trying to consume less material goods and eat good food. Our child has a number of food allergies that we’re hoping he’ll outgrow over time, but in the meantime, we’re learning to live an allergen-free life so that he can thrive.

You can contact me by filling in the form below…just in case that isn’t obvious.

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