Roots and Shoots CSA share – 1st week of August

New this week: potato, tomatoes, cabbage and eggplant! It’s certainly feeling like summer, with the tomatoes and eggplant.

We’re having a hard time keeping up with the zucchini and cucumbers because we get a handful of each per week (for the past few weeks). Zucchini, I will just keep blanching and freezing. Cucumbers, I think I’ll try my hand at pickling this weekend; just an overnight brining then some apple cider vinegar, sugar and garlic cloves?

Usually I am ALL OVER the kale in our shares but this year, we also planted a lot of kale in our veggie garden. Luckily everyone’s kale is doing great (I swear kale is a weed!) but that also means that we have a ton of kale. We’ve had a few containers of kale chips on our counter at any one time over the past few weeks. I think I’ll be blanching and freezing this week’s bunch of kale and any more that we can harvest from the garden.

CSA 1st week August New stuff

The beets are delicious right now, sweet but not too earthy…but I know that we will be getting lots of beets in the fall so I’m having mixed feelings about all of the summer beets. Beets every week for half a year…. However, I do love that we get those beautiful beet greens during the summer; those we won’t see come fall!


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