Roots and Shoots CSA share – 3rd week of July

I cannot believe how quickly time seems to pass by. I used to think time passed quickly but now, with a toddler, I feel like it whizzes by! This week’s share included one of my least favourite veggies: fennel. I just cannot tolerate the licorice scent or taste! However, in looking for fennel recipes, I found fried fennel. Maybe we’ll give that a whirl this weekend….

It looks like we got a mound of zucchini but half of them are from my trade this week (I traded in my cilantro for more zucchini). Scapes are still looking great! The garlic that is growing in our garden is long past the scape stage, with its greens almost completely brown and dried. Almost time to harvest?

CSA share 3rd week of July

From left to right, we have a bag of mixed beans, lettuce, beautiful beets, kale, carrots, onion, zucchini, fennel (ugh), scapes and cucumber.


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