Soyless tofu?

Short anecdote for today: We had a follow-up appointment with our paediatric allergist and mentioned that it seemed our child may be a wee bit sensitive to tofu. The skin prick test hadn’t indicated a reaction to soy but he had gotten a bit itchy around his face on a few occasions when we’d offered him tofu.

The allergist asked us if the tofu had soy.

I looked quizzically at my partner. My eyes asked him, Did he just ask us if tofu had soy? When my partner cracked a smile, it confirmed that I hadn’t heard wrong. I told the allergist that yes, the tofu had soy.

The allergist told us that he hadn’t reacted to soy but that maybe we can try it without the soy.

Tofu. Without soy. Tofu, without soy? I remained dumbfounded for the rest of the day and chuckle whenever I think of that conversation.


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