Cooked bun?

I cannot believe that it is the end of October already! The leaves on the trees have gone through their colour changes and, for the most part, fallen off the trees. The temperature is starting to dip below 0C overnight (and sometimes into the day – eek!). The wind is crisp. But I also don’t know how this year has passed by so quickly!

Granted, this year has been different for me. Several months of nausea, a summer of feeling like a walking oven with stubby toes and fingers, and a fall of feeling large. All the while, moving slower and slower (what a different way to enjoy the world around me). I still find it hard to believe – and really, quite mesmerized – that there’s a little person growing inside of me…and as the third trimester draws to a finale, I look so forward to seeing this little person!

Looking back on the past nine months, here is some advice that I was given early on that I now have learned to appreciate:

  • “Towards the end, you’ll just want to be done with being pregnant.”  I didn’t really understand how one could ever feel this way, particularly since the event separating pregnancy from no longer being pregnant is labour. Which I equate with PAIN. A somewhat controlled train ride that cannot be stopped. Did I mention, pain!?
  • “You may be able to squat now but you probably won’t be able to squat much later.”  Yeah right, I told my friend. I like to joke that I’m channeling the Asian in me when I say that I can squat quite comfortably. Yup, I was naive.
  • “You’ll waddle soon.”  I think this goes along the lines of everything will become uncomfortable to do. I thought the waddle was an exaggerated move done by some pregnant women to further exemplify just how pregnant they are. Nope. It’s hormonal and your pelvic area really doesn’t make it easy to not waddle towards the end.

It’s true that it’s quite hard to imagine what it feels like to be pregnant without actually going through it yourself. Much like many other life experiences. The biggest thing that continues to cement itself in my head, particularly throughout this pregnancy, is the wonder of the human body. It does so much on its own without our conscious control and it’s so absolutely amazing.


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