A mini Vegas in Canada

Growing up in western Canada, I remember seeing commercials on TV for Niagara Falls, Ontario. I’ve heard the story about the lady who went over the Falls in a barrel, I’ve seen photos and videos trying to represent the grandeur of this natural wonder…but I finally got to experience it all for myself on a recent trip to the mini Las Vegas in Canada (because that’s what Clifton Hills feels like).

Clifton Hills
Clifton Hills
The railroad to...?
The railroad to…?
Canadian Falls
Canadian Falls
American Falls
American Falls

Being a tourism-based area, one could easily find their wallet a load lighter after visiting all of the tourist attractions, riding carnival rides, having meals, and buying souvenirs. I quite enjoyed just walking around, taking in the cheesy-ness of the main tourist areas. The Maid of the Mist, which is a boat ride that takes you quite close to both the Canadian and American Niagara Falls, was well worth the experience. For this trip, we had decided to stay on the Canadian side and after visually comparing the other Falls-related activities that one could partake in, we decided to forgo all of the Canadian activities in favour of one day visiting the American side to walk down by the Falls or out onto the Observation Deck. It looked much more worth the experience on the American side, after all.


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