Cooking a bun, so to say…Part 2

I shared some observations about the first trimester of pregnancy here and wanted to take some time to jot down a few thoughts on the second trimester of pregnancy.

It’s sitting on my lap

That’s right. When I’m sitting down, my belly is sitting on my lap. It’s a strange, slightly uncomfortable sensation that is very new to me. And yes, when I’m standing up straight (read: good posture), I cannot see my toes.

Oh my back, my ribs, my feet!

For the last few weeks of the second trimester, my back has been achy. Sitting in an office chair at work for upwards of 7 hours, 5 days a week sure does not help, even with a pillow supporting my back. The area covering my ribs (upper abdomen) has also exhibited numbness for many weeks, which may be due to some combination of stretching skin, squished organs, and a tight diaphragm. It’s less numb first thing in the morning, then comes and goes throughout the day (more coming and staying than going as the day progresses). There isn’t much to do about the numbness; stretching may or may not help. And my feet. They have swollen a bit but particularly on days when it is hot and I have been on my feet a lot.

Ninja toes

Actually, I’m not really sure if they’re toes or hands or elbows or knees, but I feel pokes and nudges as the baby practices its intrauterine ninja moves. If I’m lying on my side, the nudges come from the side that I’m lying on, as if little ninja is saying “it’s squished on this side”. If I’m focussed on a task, I get nudges as if to say “pay attention to me!” And if my bladder is getting full, I get smacked right on the bladder…”unload this sucker so that I can have more space”.

Flopping on my tummy

I fondly remember a time, not too long ago, when I could flop onto my stomach to read a book or take a nap. It’s my most relaxed state. Now, if I stack 3 or 4 pillows, one on top of another, I can pseudo-lie on my “stomach” (read: chest) without putting much pressure on my belly. I’m looking forward to being able to lie on my stomach again…although the baby is quietest and safest (read: close to me) when it’s inside me….


I’m still feeling pretty cautiously optimistic with 3 months to go. It feels more and more like there will be a new being in my life very soon but the cautious side still worries that something might happen. Regardless, it’s getting to the point where, instead of a count of the weeks that have passed, there is a countdown to the due date, and this signals the need to prepare a few things. Namely, some paperwork and some purchases (something to wear, something to sleep in, something to be strapped into when in motion).

Time flies!

What can I say. My friends and I chat about how quickly time seems to pass by, and this year is certainly of no exception. Yay and eek!


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