Maiden Names

I wanted to share a lunchtime conversation that I had with some colleagues a few days ago. It started with a discussion on selecting a name for a baby and ended on an interesting question: do you know your grandmothers’ maiden names?

Most people know their mother’s maiden name and often their partner’s mother’s maiden name. However, knowledge of the lineage beyond that commonly gets fuzzy. I’ve always had interest in putting together a family tree but (a) my extended family on both sides is spread over a number of countries and (b) my extended family is HUGE!

After that lunchtime discussion, I really think I should start working on the family tree because I have no idea what my grandmothers’ maiden names were! I’m not even sure I know the names of all of my cousins, let alone their partners and children.

Now to search for ideas on putting together a family tree for a large and complex extended family….


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