Fair Trade, Fair Transport Chocolate

I was listening to a podcast of the BBC’s Food Programme on Mott Green. I had never heard of him previously but was quite intrigued by his creation of the Grenada Chocolate Company. In this age of microbreweries, artisanal food production, and maker culture, the philosophy embodied by Mott Green doesn’t sound all too foreign. However, this does not diminish the amazingness of what he did:

  • Small-batch chocolate production;
  • Cocoa grown, harvested, and processed into chocolate all in Grenada;
  • Self-empowered cocoa farmers who are part of a co-operative;
  • Keeping production local;
  • Living with the land;
  • Use of sustainable means to power machines.
  • Use of sustainable transport (a wind-powered ship) to move bars to international markets;
  • Control of the fermentation process for the cocoa and of the overall supply chain;
  • Certified organic ingredients; and
  • Building all of the machinery used in the process.

In 2012, Kum-Kum Bhavnani produced a documentary about the Grenada Chocolate Company called Nothing Like Chocolate; here is the trailer.

Mott Green facilitated the creation of a true tree-to-bar sustainable organic dark chocolate bar. Very cool, very inspirational.


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