Happy Canada Day!

Mixed berry tart (graham wafer crust and custard)
Mixed berry tart (graham wafer crust and custard)

Today is Canada Day. In Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, there are a lot of festivities happening around Parliament Hill. Fireworks at night, concerts during the day, loads of buskers here and there, and a huge crowd to celebrate with.

I was reading an article in the Metro newspaper about Canadians living abroad celebrating Canada Day and it reminded me of the year that I was in Japan for July 1. I had moved there for an internship in June and was planning to live there for almost a year. That Canada Day, I went to a bbq in a park in Tokyo with a handful of other interns and met some other expats. There was a cake iced with the Canadian flag, some flag memorabilia, face paints, and just a nice sense of community. Ironically, to the other people I passed by that day, touting a maple leaf face painted on my cheek and a paper Canadian flag in my ponytail, I probably looked more like a Japanese gal taking part in a foreign party…but to me, all of this was a small reminder of home. I think your connection to your home is magnified when you’re not anywhere near home.

What does this have to do with a mixed berry tart? Not much of anything. But isn’t it a beauty nonetheless!?


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