A new magazine and a new street food fest

Destination Seattle for Street Food Fest

Let me start with the street food fest. While we here in Ottawa revel at the (slow) introduction of a new fleet of food trucks and cart (slow both in the city offering up new street food vending permits and in getting the trucks/carts ready and out on the streets), many other cities have been flaunting vehicles serving up delicious fare for years. Last summer, I took a trip up the west coast of the US to Vancouver, trying to enjoy the food trucks and carts all the way. When I travel, I typically walk A LOT. Often I’m just too cheap to pay to take public transit and I’m a healthy able-bodied person…so I figure…why not walk. San Francisco had Off the Grid (food truck gatherings throughout the week) and Portland had pods (permanent food truck parks). These were fabulous, as I made Off the Grid and pod locations a destination; yes, I planned my day around where the food would be located for lunch or dinner on any given day. Unfortunately, Seattle didn’t make it easy for me to try many food trucks as only a very few came to the heart of downtown during meal time. Fortunately, for anyone in Seattle on August 17/18 this year, the city has its first Street Food Festival! It’s bringing a bunch of the city’s best mobile food vendors to one part of the city and throwing in some live music…how fantastic does that sound!?

Modern Farmer

If you enjoy reading about the wide variety of issues around food production, I just read about a new magazine called the Modern Farmer and it may interest you! They have some neat posts on their website and their inaugural magazine edition for Spring 2013 is now on sale. Read about how to save seeds or read a snapshot about the Senate Farm Bill in the US. A little bit of something for every food-lover.


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