Stimulating Saturdays: What do you eat with your food budget?

I really cherish having some very wonderful colleagues (who happen to be lovely friends as well) with whom I can have incredibly engaging and engaged discussions with. Recently, one such conversation spiralled into discussing a documentary I watched called Forks Over Knives (see a trailer here and read an example of a critique here) and then onto the affordability and accessibility of what is referred to as ‘whole foods’ (vegetables, fruits, unprocessed or minimally processed goods) and food desserts. My friend then sent me a link to the Hungry Planet, a series of photographs taken of families around the world, depicting what they eat within a typical week and how much they spent on acquiring the food.

Step back, think about how much money you spend on food each week, and imagine what your photo would look like. A lot of boxes and plastic packages? Or maybe not?

Click here to access the Hungry Planet: What the World Eats (photo essay).


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