Washroom faux pas

It’s interesting what can become gossip at work. Recently, it was about a washroom faux pas. Someone had come out of the washroom and not washed their hands before exiting. Naturally, I asked if perhaps they had been changing or *ahem* fixing themselves somehow in the stall. Nope. Even if they had been doing either of those, they had flushed and therefore, touched the flusher thingy. That, to me, automatically creates the need to wash my hands. After all, some people flush using their feet (and therefore their shoes)! It wasn’t just one person who had noticed this. Several people remarked on having noticed this one particular person not washing their hands after coming out of a stall. So I wonder…is there another explanation for this seeming washroom faux pas?

Speaking of washing hands, I’m reminded of this fabulous video on a very practical way of reducing the number of paper towels you think you need to dry your hands. And trust me, it works.


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