Spring is in the air! What May will bring…

I think someone forgot to slip Mother Nature the memo that Spring was supposed to arrive weeks ago. We’ve had a few days where the temperature was quite warm but we’ve also had a winter storm (5+cm of snow, hail, ice pellets), crazy winds, and cold temperatures. Nonetheless, all of our snow/ice mounds have melted, the grass is starting to turn from its winter brown to green, bulbs are starting to send green shoots up, and better yet, the local farmers’ markets are on the verge of opening!

Main Farmers’ Market: runs Saturdays from 9am to 2pm, starting May 4, 2013. Parking lot of St. Paul’s University (223 Main Street).

Ottawa Farmers’ Market: runs Sundays from 8am to 3pm, starting May 5, 2013. Brewer Park across from Carleton University.

Westboro Farmers’ Market: runs Saturdays from 9:30am to 3pm, starting May 18, 2013. Byron Park in Westboro, just west of Westboro Village along Richmond Road.

Also, if you’re in the downtown area on Wednesdays around noon, Parliament Hill Yoga will be starting on May 2, 2013 at noon. On Parliament Hill. You may wonder where exactly on the Hill the yoga class is? Fear not. It’ll be hard to miss the hundreds who show up. A great use for the beautiful lawn in front of the Parliament Buildings.

Lastly, May means that the much anticipated food carts will be showing up on corners in central Ottawa. Although they have set intersections where they set up, you can still track them on twitter @613FoodTrucks. If you work or spend your days downtown, you’re best situated to try out a handful of carts and trucks at lunchtime!


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