Stimulating Saturdays: Smell of Old Books

Okay, so it’s Sunday, not Saturday, but the calendar doesn’t always wait for me….

My friend and I were recently having a conversation about eBooks versus physical books, and luckily for our friendship, we both agreed that physical books were better. The smell, the touch sensation of flipping pages, being able to see how far into the book you are…we appreciate these qualities.

I had also just recently seen the movie, Robot & Frank. Without spoiling the movie, one aspect of it is the closure of the conventional town library and the opening of a reimagined library space in its place. All of the physical books were removed and scanned, since the youngens taking over decided that people just want to be able to access books anywhere via their eReaders.

Which leads me to today’s video on the Last Bookstore, sent to me care of the same friend. It’s a bit long and I often wonder if we would ever go fully in this direction but as you see independent bookstores close their doors, one at time, it doesn’t seem as far-fetched as I used to think.

Click here to see the video.


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