Another train adventure: Toronto

I’m quickly growing quite fond of train travel and in a nutshell, here is why:

Air vs Rail

VIA Rail offers 50% off sales every so often (I took advantage of this sale when I booked my Vancouver to Winnipeg to Ottawa rail adventure) and the last time they offered this, I decided to book myself a trip to Toronto for a weekend. It’s a 1 hour flight, 5 hour drive, or 4-4.5 hour train trip from Ottawa to Toronto…and for not being too far apart, I haven’t seen much of downtown Toronto. Hence, a trip!

The scenery in the winter is a bit bleak (lots of white, grays, and browns) but nonetheless, here are a few snaps of the ride between Ottawa and Toronto.

Snowy farmland Storage spaces More farmland A barn Transformers A river Future PanAm Games

The cranes in the photo above are located near the Distillery District. If I read the maps correctly, this location is where the PanAm games will be in 2015.

More on the trip to come!


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