Serene snowshoeing at Mer Bleue

Three years ago, a colleague told me about the Mer Bleue Conservation Area. This is a large bog just a short drive from the city center but for some reason, I only made it out to Mer Bleue just recently. There is a boardwalk that takes you through the bog and has interpretative panels that teach you about the different aspects of bog formation and habitat. I strategically chose the day after a snowfall to visit Mer Bleue, so I couldn’t see much of the habitat that was hidden beneath the snow but it was nonetheless beautiful. The boardwalk loop is pretty short (30 minute walk) and I’m definitely going to make a point of getting out to Mer Bleue after the snow has melted.

From the picnic table photo below, you can see how much fresh snow had just fallen the day before. We were the second set of snowshoers and just followed the tracks of the previous couple through the boardwalk area but enjoyed a lot of powder on the way in. We were the only people in the area for most of our snowshoeing trek: amazing serenity and a chance to enjoy the beauty at leisure.

Mer Bleue Mer Bleue Mer Bleue Mer Bleue Mer Bleue Mer Bleue Mer Bleue Mer Bleue


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