Stimulating Saturdays: Lemonade stand 2.0

Following up with my first Stimulating Saturdays post, here is the next short video I’d like to share.

I think a lot about conscious capitalism but I’ve recently heard about connected capitalism, where you really think about how one can leverage interactions and connections with the surrounding community (local or global) to make the most positive impact possible. I randomly found a short animated film produced by the Changers of Commerce to illustrate connected capitalism. I call it, the Lemonade Stand 2.0.

As a side note, the Attawapiskat First Nation has been mentioned fairly often by the media since Member of Parliament Charlie Angus presented the state of this remote reserve last year (or the year before?). I wanted to mention a documentary that I recently watched on this First Nation community, the National Film Board’s The People of the Kattawapiskak River; it gives a good visual of some of the conditions within which the people live. Because I don’t have an intimate understanding of the First Nation issues, I find myself unsure of how to appropriately assess the information that is presented by the mass media. What is truth, what is sensationalism, what is being twisted, what is being omitted, and what is being misrepresented? I found myself watching the documentary and thinking, “so that’s what Charlie Angus looks like” (remember I only listen to the news, I don’t watch it). I appreciated seeing a completely different angle of the reserve from what mass media has told me and thinking more about the challenges that they face in trying to maintain quite a remote community. Definitely an interesting film.


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