Looking forward to 2013

Action is key to change. What you do are your priorities.

I’m quite cynical about the ‘New Years’ resolution’ concept, mostly because it seems like a bit of a fad. January 1, people make all of these resolutions almost with the expectation that you most likely won’t follow through on them. Popular media supports this, both the making and the breaking of resolutions.

However, I do value spending time to evaluate my life – where I’ve been, what has meaning for me, and where I’d like to go – and the time between Christmas and New Years seems to provide the perfect opportunity for self-reflection. Following my quick retrospective on 2012 (and will be interesting to read ten years from now), I’d like to forecast my achievements of 2013. These are tangible things that I would like to state that I’ve accomplished when I do my retrospective for 2013, next year at this time.


Renovating the kitchen has been on our list of priorities for over a year but there are a lot of psychological barriers (ie. excuses) in the way. For 2013, to push myself to move forward with the reno, I have decided that I will not travel until the renovation is complete (or at least, well under way). As a result, my travel list is a bit lack lustre (nothing too exotic or expensive) but I will still be doing some cool things.

  • Ride the Maid of the Mist by Niagara falls and visit Niagara-on-the-Lake.
  • Bike Île d’Orléans in Quebec from farm to farm, eating!
  • Visit friends and family in Vancouver.


  • Can pears again and try canning peaches this summer.
  • Continue with CSA for vegetables and beef.
  • Grow some berries and more vegetables this summer in our garden.


  • Complete five project management courses this year (towards a Project Management certificate).
  • Run a 5K race (free from pain!).
  • Renovate kitchen.
  • Try working on a compressed schedule.

Always have a big dream to serve as a beacon when you feel lost.



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