Public Transportation Planning here or there

Once a Vancouverite, always a Vancouverite, right? I like keeping up with city planning in metro Vancouver and really enjoy browsing through the blog, Price Tags. He recently wrote a post on a new SkyTrain platform that Vancouver will have to alleviate the congestion at Broadway-Commercial during rush hour (and it really is crazy busy with loads and loads of people at peak times); he mentions that this new platform will require partial demolition of the Safeway grocery store that is adjacent to the current station and then brings up the grand hub-bub that happened in Vancouver back before the World Expo 1986 came to Vancouver, when they were discussing building the SkyTrain.

This reminded me of the grand hub-bub that is happening right now about Ottawa’s proposed light rail train system (which is severely overdue in this city, in my personal opinion). 20+ years since Expo ’86, Vancouver is doing really well with a growing and strengthening public transportation system. It’s getting more and more convenient for more and more people living in and around Vancouver city proper to take the bus, SkyTrain, or Seabus to get around. Ottawa is moving in the right direction to have faster, more efficient public transportation east-west and hopefully eventually north-south. I’m sure if the best route for the LRT is chosen, Ottawa will also look back 20 years from now and know that it made a good decision.


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