Reverse trick or treating: Candy Apples

I’m over one week late after Halloween, which was last Wednesday October 31, but I am still ecstatic about finally being able to make candy apples this year. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at these for several years now – ever since I ate my first ever candy apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory – and it’s taken a few years to get organized with my friend to have a candy apple making night!

We were both first timers but armed with some good ideas and some past experience eating candy apples of various sorts, we set out to make a few different kinds: white chocolate with crushed oreos, milk chocolate with Halloween-coloured sprinkles, and caramel coated in white or milk chocolate. We also read about a fabulous idea to use cinnamon sticks as ‘handles’ instead of wooden dowels, so we did half and half.

We used mostly Granny Smith apples because they’re super crunchy and very tart (complementing the incredible sweetness that they would be soon coated by) and some Cortlands as well.


Chopped white chocolate
Chopped milk chocolate

We tried to make real caramel from brown sugar and corn syrup and although the caramel formed nicely, it was extremely challenging coating apples with real caramel. I’m not sure if there’s a special technique but we found that the caramel was very thick. We managed to coat a handful of apples using this caramel but I think the layer of caramel on these apples ended up being about a half a centimeter thick! So we tried out the caramel squares that we’d bought and sure enough, there’s something special in these caramels that made them super easy to coat apples with!

Caramel squares being melted stovetop.
Coating the apples in the melted caramel squares
The apple in the forefront is coated in the real caramel that we made while the apples in the back are coated in the melted caramel squares.
The end result: apples coated in white chocolate and crushed oreos
The end result: apples coated in milk chocolate with sprinkles

Although I had a few apple slices that I dunked into the caramel sauce (I had to taste-test the caramel after all!), I only ate one of the candy apples: the white chocolate and oreo one. Let me tell you, it was absolutely delicious, not to mention so much easier to make than the caramel apples.

We packaged all of the candy apples in cellophane, tied them with nice ribbons, and took them to work to reverse trick or treat for our colleagues. Technically, it was just the treat with no trick. And after people got over the fact that “no, we aren’t selling these” and “no, we aren’t accepting money for them”, they seemed to enjoy having a homemade mid-week treat!


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