CSA shares: October

I’m a bit behind in posts on our vegetable CSA shares from Roots and Shoots Farm but better late than never, right? Our summer CSA share ended on October 4, which would’ve been quite a sad day…if it were not for the fact that Roots and Shoots was offering its first year of fall CSA shares! The number of fall shares would be smaller and they would be depending increasingly on their greenhouse production and I was expecting that I would mostly be getting various root vegetables (a handful of which I’m not the biggest fan of), but we decided to try it out.

CSA share October 4, 2012: Last summer share

Brussel sprouts, leeks, and carrots
Quart of onions, garlic, red peppers, butternut squash, kale, red potatoes

CSA share October 25: First fall share!!

Kale, leeks, carrots, brussel sprouts, nappa cabbage, radishes, potatoes, onions, garlic, beets, spinach, butternut squash

Summer has passed us by rather quickly and looking back, we are very satisfied with the quality and variety of vegetables (and the occasional fruit) that we received as part of our summer CSA share. We went with the half share (veggie pick ups every two weeks) instead of the full share (pick ups every week) because we weren’t sure which option would better suit us. We do enjoy going to the farmers’ market every week after all. We found that the half share was enough to sustain us for just over a week and on the off-weeks when we weren’t expecting a share, we’d do a full shop at the farmers’ market. This allowed us to pick and choose the veggies we wanted to eat during the off-weeks but also facilitated trying out new veggies through our share; have I mentioned my newfound love of the odd-looking absolutely delicious Romanesco enough!?

Next summer, we might go with a full share, just because Roots and Shoots is so awesome…but we haven’t committed quite yet (story of our lives!). Meanwhile, we get to enjoy a few more fall share deliveries that will take us to the end of November. Seeing that the last farmers’ market closes in mid-December, I’m not sure what will happen after that….


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