Eating through Prince Edward County

I’d heard about the beauty of Sandbanks for several years. White sand, dunes, clear water. However, not once did I hear about the beauty of the surrounding area called Prince Edward County. In fact, I only learned about the artisinal nature of this area the night before we were to depart on a camping trip to Sandbanks Provincial Park while I was looking up driving directions!

The tourism in the area is well-developed, with both an Arts Trail and a Taste Trail. Being more interested in food than in visual arts per se, I looked up the route and researched key stops along the Taste Trail. To me, the map of the area is deceiving in that it looks much more expansive than it actually is. From the map, two points looked hours away but in reality, they were maybe 10kms away from one another? This area reminds me of Prince Edward Island…with less hills.

Buddha Dogs (172 Main Street West, Picton)

Buddha Dog
Love the decor at Buddha Dog
The simple concept of buddha dog: dog, sauce, and cheese. All local or made in-house. Just the perfect size to try a few flavour combos.
Three hot dog sliders (each probably about 15cm long): a mayo, a bbq sauce, and red pepper jelly.
Another three hot dog sliders: a chili, a relish/chutney, and spicy sauce.

Barley Days Brewery (13730 Loyalist Parkway, Picton)

Barley Days Brewery from the outside. More nondescript than I was expecting.

66 Gilead Distillery (66 Gilead Road, Bloomfield)

66 Gilstead has a really interesting concept attached to its location.
There is a tasting room at 66 Gilstead to try their vodkas, gin, and shochu. They also make bitters (delicious stuff).
This barn houses Cooper’s Choice and is located beside the 66 Gilstead tasting room. They produce red wine vinegars using barrels that aged alcohol. They also sell household items that have been made out of old wine barrels.
This is the cooperage, where the wine barrels are made. The barrels are then used by 66 Gilstead to age their alcohols. There was also some fun furniture sitting on the patio at 66 Gilstead that had been produced from old wine barrels.

Tall Poppy Cafe (298 Wellington Main Street, Wellington)

Tall Poppy Cafe is the cutest cafe ever! Great friendly service as well.
Inside the Tall Poppy Cafe
View out the front window of the Tall Poppy Cafe. They have cozy armchairs to sit in by the window, where you can let your little one play (lots of toys!) or people-watch.

Keint-He Vineyard  (49 Hubbs Creek Road, Wellington)

Keint He vineyard with its fairly new tasting room

The County Cider Company (657 Bongards Crossroad, Waupoos)

Welcome to the County Cider Company!
There is a beautiful patio at County Cider and they offer wood-fired pizzas. Unfortunately we had eaten lunch already so maybe I’ll get to try it the next time I visit this area. The tasting room and shop is the big building.
Vineyard at the County Cider Company. Look at that view!!
I love this little truck that was parked halfway up the laneway leading up to the County Cider Company.

Black River Cheese Company (913 County Road 13, Milford)

Unfortunately, the Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company is not currently open but another cheese company was. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting as I was hoping to see more about their production method…but there was some cheese available for tasting and they sell Kawartha Dairy’s delicious ice cream by the scoop.

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company…we drove there but it was still closed. I hope they get funding so that they can reopen!
Black River Cheese Company

2 thoughts on “Eating through Prince Edward County

  1. Great timing, we’re thinking of heading to Prince Edward County for Thanksgiving. We’re looking to rent a house. Where would you recommend we stay to be close to both nature, arts and most definitely great food spots? I see that we could choose Picton, Wellington, etc.?

    1. As long as you have access to some mode of personal transportation (car, bicycle, etc), you could stay anywhere in the region and still only be a short drive away from locations on the Arts or Taste Trail. Having said that, the towns have different feels to them. Picton felt like a big town with its long main street and a handful of chain stores like Giant Tiger. Wellington was more quaint and is close to numerous vineyards if you enjoy wine; I’d probably stay around here if I wasn’t camping. While you’re there, I’d recommend trying East & Main Bistro. We only had the chance to pick up some jellies (made in-house by their chef) but based on the quality of the jellies, I’d say their food must be amazing. If you’re on the main street in Wellington, there are nice parks and waterfront to explore. Bloomfield is between Picton and Wellington and has a short walkable strip with some coffee shops/bakeries as well.

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