CSA share mid-September

So it definitely feels like fall is upon us. I had to pull out my fall/spring jacket last night because it was nippy outside. I even wished I had put a hat on, it was that chilly! My CSA share also reflects fall’s approach: more root vegetables. Bit disappointed that last week’s share included nappa cabbage and this week’s share didn’t (the downside of biweekly shares)…I was hoping to make a second batch of kimchee using nappa cabbage instead of red cabbage. Ah well.

Chard (woot), beets, carrots, onions, hot peppers, green peppers, red potatoes, sweet dumpling squash, acorn squash, garlic, and a mini head of lettuce. There was actually a bunch of really awesome looking celery but I can’t stand celery so I traded it for another pint of onions (which explains why I have so many onions).

The burlap that I picked up at Bridgehead makes for a great backdrop for the veggies. An extra rustic look, no? In excellent news, Roots and Shoots is offering us fall shares. That means 3 extra biweekly shares (no weekly option), taking us into the end of November. I really hope their greenhouses do great because that would possibly mean a winter share at some point! I’ve really been consistently impressed by the quality of veggies provided in our shares by Roots and Shoots. The biweekly option isn’t enough for the two of us – lots of supplementing from the farmers’ markets – so we’ll have to seriously consider whether we switch to a weekly share next year; I guess we fall into the category of “two veggie loving, hungry adults”!! Who would’ve thunk it.

Oh yes, and in even more awesome news, the Ottawa Farmers’ Market will be running until mid-November and will be hosting Christmas markets on November 25 and December 2 at Carleton University. Yay!


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