Playing around with food

I know loads of people love beets. I am not one of them. However, the good thing about having a CSA share is that it forces me to come to terms with foods that I am not a fan of and that I would never pick up for myself by choice at the farmers’ market. Slowly, I’m a bit more okay with roasted beets – I will even admit that I really enjoyed some roasted beets at a friends’ place a few weeks ago – but I still don’t feel too motivated to eat beets, even if they’re sitting in my fridge. BUT I have found something that makes beets so easily edible: beet chips!

First attempt at beet chips!

I used this recipe to make my first batch of beet chips. Bye bye 5 whole beets from Roots and Shoots, hello delicious beet chips! It’s super easy. Wash/scrub the beets, slice on a mandolin, pour some olive oil onto a baking sheet, line the beets on it, sprinkle with some salt (though I find they taste better without salt), and bake at 375F for about 30 minutes. Voila!

A few weeks ago, my CSA share included a red cabbage. I think there was also a cabbage the share before and we may have bought another cabbage in the week between our shares. It was a lot of cabbage and by the time I got the red cabbage, I wanted to try something new.

Homemade kimchi

This year, I made my first batch of kimchi using red cabbage instead of the more traditional nappa cabbage. I looked around the internet for a relatively simple recipe, which I found here, and realized that it’s not as complicated (and smelly) as I had expected it to be. I let the cabbage sit in brine for much longer than the recipe called for…but I didn’t have time for a few days and so the longer the cabbage sat in brine…then drained it, added some garlic, flaked chili peppers, ginger, and green onion, mixed and massaged the mixture, then threw it in some mason jars for a few more days (for fermentation). Although I think my kimchi is missing one layer of flavour, it’s still quite delicious and the red cabbage gives it a good crunch. Homemade kimchi. Not that hard to make!


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