Camping meals part deux

We took a camping trip to Sandbank Provincial Park in Prince Edward County (more on the greater area in a later post), which reminds me of the Oregon coast with its white sand beaches and amazing sand dunes. There were no sneaky raccoons this time…instead, there was a dead garter snake.

Dinner: Steak from Grazing Days cooked on the fire with onions and carrots from Roots and Shoots Farm. A side salad of lettuce from Notre Petite Ferme and tomatos and cucumber from Roots and Shoots. Homemade bun.
Breakfast: Bekings Poultry Farm eggs, potato and onion, banana, grapes, hot chocolate, kettle chips, and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.
Lunch: Salami from Bearbrook Farms, cheese from St Albert, cucumber from Roots and Shoots on a homemade bun.
Dinner: Salami pan-fried with carrots and onions, with a salad and bun.
Apres-dinner snack: S’mores!!
We picked up a delicious habanero gold jelly from East & Main in Prince Edward County. After spreading it on some bread, we put the knife down only to find a bee that was attracted to the jelly as well. I’m hoping the spicy-ness wasn’t too much for it! It cleaned the knife up nicely for us!
Sandbanks beach…but please remember not to litter! Plastic bottles on the beach are not cool.

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