A source for burlap bags!

I was delighted to find that Bridgehead, a chain of local coffee shops priding itself in fair trade, is selling the burlap bags in which their green coffee beans come in. They opened a roastery at the corner of Preston and Anderson in Little Italy a few months ago and have a nice stack of burlap bags to choose from. They suggest a donation of $2 per bag (although there was a bit of confusion as to whether it was $2 a bag or $2 per pick up when I went to get a few bags); I forgot to ask if they had selected an organization to give proceeds to. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the six bags I got yet, but there are a bunch of DIY ideas posted all over the net: seat cushions, throw pillows, wreaths, book covers, stockings (for Christmas – not to wear!), napkin holders, baskets…I was even thinking it’d work well as a door mat (maybe stuffed with a little something to give it some cushioning).

So if you’re in Ottawa, stop by the Bridgehead Roastery for some burlap bags!


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