Feast of Fields 2012: Cooking by farmer-chef teams

I had never before attended Feast of Fields but figured that I should give it a go this year. The Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Organic Growers hosts this event, which teams farmers with local chefs to create small dishes featuring the farmers’ products. I think it’s a great opportunity for farmers to be able to show off their produce outside of a farmers’ market or CSA box and for chefs to show their hand at creativity. Over the past few years, the location for the event has changed and this year, it was appropriately held at the Canada Agriculture Museum in the Central Experimental Farm. There were 21 teams “competing” for fun titles like best dish and best decorations. There was also on-site entertainment; it’s fabulous eating lunch on a hay bale listening to aboriginal drumming (and singing)!

Welcome to Feast of Fields 2012
Host of the event: Canada Agriculture Museum. A working farm in the middle of the city.
Coffee samples thanks to Cafe de Joel. He had a special Feast of Fields blend.
Castor River Farm and Tennessy Willems teamed up to produce an open-faced egg salad sandwich with bacon, cheese, and heirloom tomato.
Town’s fun vintage-y display. Town teamed with Saffire Farms for a cold potato leek soup with citrus-cured salmon and pickled green beans, which was Delicious (with a capital D).
Pulled duck sandwich from Funny Duck Farms, who teamed with Allium.
A delectable duck confit sandwich by Les Fougères on Art-is-in bread featuring mixed sprouts from Aliments Magic Food Sprouts. Johanne and Claude started their sprout business just one year ago and have grown it significantly since then. I’m hoping to visit their sprout operation really soon!
Bottom right is beef tongue taco; to its left is wild bean patty with heirloom tomato sauce and kefir; top is fried cauliflower and sage greens with pickled onions, beets, and watermelon and tabouleh.
Paul from Grazing Days and Gongfu Project teamed up to make steamed buns topped with corned beef and pickled daikon.
Another beef tongue taco that was absolutely delicious…but I can’t remember which farmer/chef team made it! This one had good flavour and some kick.
George Bushel has been producing up to 12 varieties of watermelons in his community garden plot near Blackburn Hamlet every year for the past 20+ years! He brought 5 varieties of watermelons for a taste test. I enjoyed the Sangria!
Emile Péloquin of Emile Péloquin Fruits et légumes biologiques provided juices and teas – fabulous for a day in the sun! I tried this Rosehip tea.
Sitting on hay bales, listening to live music while sampling a variety of dishes while soaking in the sun. Nothing to complain about!

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