CSA share first week of September

It’s starting to feel like fall outside, with cooler mornings and evenings, and I feel like my CSA share is starting to reflect this. In reality, I’m just seeing beets, carrots, onions, and squash…but I think the roots are going to start taking over! I’ve never been a huge fan of beets or tomatos but I’m trying to teach myself to eat them; it helps when your food is naturally flavour-packed!

Beets, carrots, lettuce, mixed greens
Radishes, tomatos, peppers, onions, beans

On somewhat related news, the Stanford study on organic foods came out last week and there was a lot of resulting media attention. To me, the most important factors that affect my decisions on what foods to purchase and eat are (1) the quality and flavour of the produce, (2) the relationship between producer and land, (3) if sustainable practices are incorporated, whether it be fair employment, a community-mentality relation with the earth, rotational crops, seed diversity…. and (4) to whom my money is going to. Organic products travelling many miles to a supermarket does not measure up to produce from local farm-to-fork, and I’m learning that organic certification is not worth it to local farmers (time, money, requirements); instead build a customer base relying on relationship-building, trust, and communication about how they select their seeds, what methods they use to grow their food, and their view of their land. Much more than a certified organic logo on a label can ever tell you.

Organic definitely has a place if mass consumer popularity can push large corporations to move towards better food production practices but much like everything in life, a logo can’t tell you the whole story. Food is also not solely about the nutrients that it contains; this goes back to the “food is fuel” idea that started being pushed during the early-to-mid 20th century as food production was less and less a part of many people’s lives and industrial production ramped up. Organic is a lifestyle where you’re one with the earth, or rather one part of the earth. It’s a dynamic relationship and it should be more symbiotic. Health is at the center of organic, but human health is just one component of organic.


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