Fun free event: Rakugo by Sunshine

Last fall, the Japanese Embassy in Ottawa hosted a man named Katsura Sunshine. He is from Toronto but moved to Japan to learn the art of a popular form of Japanese storytelling called rakugo. After apprenticing with his master for several years – the only way to become a professional rakugo-ka (a storyteller in the rakugo form) – he was given his stage name, Katsura Sunshine, and he has been performing in both Japanese and English.

His fall show was hilarious. It was also quite informative, as he explained what rakugo is and his experience as a foreign rakugo-ka in Japan. The room at the Embassy filled up quickly and there were loads of people standing around the periphery to take in the entertainment.

I was delighted to learn last week that the Japanese Embassy is presenting Katsura Sunshine in Ottawa again on Wednesday September 19 at 7:30pm at the National Arts Centre (NAC). The show is free, just as it was last time, which is great because it makes it much more accessible to everyone. They do, however, request that you RSVP by phone or e-mail. If you’re free that night and in town, I would highly recommend checking this out. It’s a little glimpse into Japanese culture and I guarantee you’ll be laughing lots!


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