CSA share 4th week of August

(Clockwise) Quart of tomatos, bunch of carrots, beans, green pepper, eggplant, Delicata squash, fennel, yellow and red pepper, collards (brussel sprout tops), purple and green cabbage, and garlic. There’s also 2 onions hiding in there somewhere.

I can’t believe that it’s a week away from the end of August. Time really flies. After getting a watermelon in our last share, I’ve been secretly hoping we’d get another one in another share…but alas, no watermelon. We have two heads of cabbage because our CSA has a trade box, where you can exchange one of the items in your share with one item from the box and because I’m growing basil, I exchanged the bunch of basil in my share with another head of cabbage. Interestingly, the green cabbage is pointy…kinda like a Conehead (remember that movie?).


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