Ottawa Farmers’ Market – mid August

We visited farmers’ markets in San Francisco, Portland, and Vancouver, but we head to one of several farmers’ markets in Ottawa when we’re in town. I snapped a few photos at the Ottawa Farmers’ Market, which happens every Sunday from 8am to 3pm at Brewer Park near Carleton University. The market runs from May until December, though summertime is really the busy season with all of the fresh produce from local fields. I appreciate that this market is a producer-run market, meaning that every vendor produces whatever they sell; it’s so much more fun to walk around and chat with the folks making/growing the products then a market where they have vendors re-selling other people’s products. This market is also the largest in Ottawa (with the Carp Farmers’ Market being the largest in Eastern Ontario…or so the signage told me).

Welcome to the Ottawa Farmers’ Market
There are many vendors at the market selling produce, jams, chutneys, baked goods, meats, juices, breads, honey, other prepared foods, crafts, and handmade wooden objects. Oh and dog biscuits!
Fairly new onto the scene are brewgels: beer-infused bagels!
George from Castor River Farm sells grains that he grows (and some meat too). This is a pedal-powered grinder!
A beautiful tomato display from an organic grower. You know it’s August when…!
Although there’s been a drought all July, there is still corn to be had.
Joseph Henri makes the most beautiful cutting boards.
Bounty from the farmers’ market: peaches, apricots, nectarines, grapes, romanesco broccoli, tomatos, kale, and apple cider.

Each year, we buy “seconds” of peaches. These are the bruised or otherwise slightly imperfect peaches that a vendor wouldn’t sell as eating peaches (these are called “firsts”). There’s really nothing wrong with the inside of the peach…just the outside might look blemished, split, hole-y, bruised, etc. Anyways, I buy baskets of the seconds to peel, slice, and freeze for the winter. They’re usually quite a bit cheaper than the firsts and after they’re peeled, you probably can’t even tell that they weren’t perfect on the outside! Also great for making jams and pies, where you’re cooking the peaches or mashing them up.

As a side note, I read a tweet where someone’s child plays “Farmers’ Market” instead of “Grocery Store”! So awesome.


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