Camping Meals

I find camping to be a very relaxing summer pastime/activity and the first camping trip of the year was by a lake. And when I say “by a lake”, I mean that our campsite had lakefront access. 10 steps and you were in the lake.

Sunset over the lake
Delicious dinner over a game of Scrabble

We realized, a few hours into our camping adventure, that we had sneaky visitors roaming around us. A pair of raccoons who were too used to being near humans. They’d come alarmingly close to us (alarming because…aren’t they wild!?). We kept food away from our campsite when we weren’t using it…except for the one time we both had to go to the washroom (outhouse a one minute walk away). In our scurry to the washroom together, we left a canvas tote on the table. Yes, it contained food. When we returned to the campsite, there were two potatoes and some seasoning lying on the ground. The raccoons had taken our delicious Bearbrook Farms salami and the canvas tote!

Sneaky raccoon slinking around the campsite
Homemade pesto over pasta with lettuce and cuke salad and homemade buns for dinner

I could’ve used another delicious salami sandwich but alas. All I can hope is that the raccoons enjoyed it and that it didn’t make them ill. Oh, and the canvas tote must have been a stylish addition to their home.


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