Carp Garlic Festival 2012

Welcome to the Carp Farmers’ Market
The market is held on the fairgrounds and inside the building towards the back of the photo…gloomy day but loads of people walking around!
The annual Carp Garlic Festival was going on…lots of garlic samples, lots of garlic varieties!
Have you ever seen garlic braided? This one was so colourful; it was part of the competition for the best decorated garlic braid.
There were quite a few garlic-based products for sale as well.
And of course, there were garlic bulbs for sale. It was fun tasting the different varieties then buying a few favourites to take home!
Of course, there were non-garlic products as well, like delicious veggies!
And there was delicious-looking ewe milk cheese from Back Forty Artisan Cheese of Lanarck County, Ontario.

We made garlic butter with the bulbs that we bought. I think my favourite variety was the Matechi. It’s so neat seeing the diversity among garlic bulbs and so sad thinking that you only get one plain white variety in the supermarket. One more reason to shop at farmers’ markets!







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