Complacent or Happy? “I’m Fine, Thanks”

While I was at the World Domination Summit, I was lucky enough to have a ticket to the world premiere screening of Adam Baker and Grant Peelle’s documentary, “I’m Fine, Thanks”.

This film brought many to tears and made many laugh and rejoice, all from a place of shared understanding, a sense of community, and strong sense of distinguishing happiness from complacency. It’s a film that allows you to follow others’ journeys, hear about their experiences, and all the while reflect on your life (past, present, and envisioned future), and it’s very powerful. The impetus for Grant to go on this film-making venture was his reflection on his life and his belief to live by example. He always wanted to make films but ended up in a job not making films (“Go get a real job”…that kind of societal thinking); why was he not following his dreams while he was telling his own kids to follow their dreams? The rhetoric sounds familiar, eh? It sure did to me.

Check out the trailer and keep your eyes and ears peeled for screenings in your area. If you’re in Ottawa, there is a screening on Saturday August 18 at 5PM as part of the Ottawa International Film Festival; go check it out.


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