Farmers’ Market bounty and CSA basket – first week of August

How exciting to be visiting the Farmers’ Market in Ottawa again! (I photographed the first, second and third hauls from the farmers’ market but was away for a while thereafter) In preparation for a long weekend camping trip, we stocked up on food for both the trip and the upcoming week. We bought onions, lettuce, salami, sausage, honey, eggs, beans, potatoes…yum.

Farmers’ Market haul for first weekend of August

It’s also great seeing how much more produce is in our CSA basket now compared to our first share the last week of June. There was so much produce that I had to take photos of our basket content in two batches! There was a quart of zucchinis, a quart of cukes, a pint of mixed beans, a head of cauliflower (the spiky green thing – amazingly delicious…like super crunchy broccoli – that made me into a cauliflower lover), savoy cabbage, bunch of basil, a quart of tomatoes, a bunch of carrots, some chard and kale, onions, and garlic. And best of all, there was a surprise waiting for us at the CSA pick up: a WATERMELON!!! I was so ecstatic I couldn’t stop talking about it for a long while afterwards.

First CSA basket of August! Part One


First CSA basket of August! Part Two

And since I’m talking about my CSA, I thought I’d link to this great video explaining CSAs (in Ottawa!):


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