Ride along on VIA Rail’s The Canadian: Winnipeg to Ottawa

After travelling from Vancouver to Winnipeg aboard VIA Rail’s The Canadian then hopping off in Winnipeg for a few days of sightseeing, it was back onto the train for the rest of the trip back to Ottawa.

Just stepped into the main hall at the Winnipeg station
Waiting area at the Winnipeg station…dim lighting and old-fashioned furniture
Forest fire remnants?
Lunch: Quinoa salad with feta cheese and cranberries
Old telephone poles, left to rot
Another small town beside a huge lake that we passed through
The Canadian Shield!
A stop at Hornepayne, a small town that used to be a booming CN Rail town…but is now just a small town. This used to the old train station.
Dinner: Chicken soup with wild rice. Sound familiar? It’s usually served as an appetizer but I wasn’t all that hungry so opted to have it as my entree.
But of course I had room for dessert after dinner! Chocolate caramel torte.
Interesting stand of trees in the background

And then it was off to shower and then to bed (early)!

The sunrise (before 6am)
Starting to enter Toronto
A bridge crossing over the Don Valley Parkway
Union Station in Toronto is located near the foot of the CN Tower!

And then we arrived in Toronto! A great view of downtown as we pulled into Union Station. The ride onto Ottawa from here is on a typical commuter-style train. The scenery is mostly farmland all the way in, which I had seen plenty of through the Prairies…so I didn’t take many photos.

A view of Hurdman Station, a hub in Ottawa’s public transportation system.
Ramp leading up to the main lobby at Ottawa’s VIA Rail station

Back to hot humid Ottawa!


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