Why condone e-junk mail!?

Recently, I wrote about the need to remember all of the small things that I want to do instead of solely focussing on finding the big pursuits. When I sat down with pen and paper to determine what my small things would be, the first thing that came to mind and went onto that sheet of paper was to unsubscribe from unwanted emails that I receive. Usually on a daily basis.

Let me back up and contextualize. First thing when I wake up, after turning the alarm off on my cell phone, I check my email and the weather. I check the weather to help me decide how to dress myself that day and I check my email…well, I’m not really sure why but I bet I’m not alone. Anyways, amongst the twenty or so messages I receive overnight, I’d guess that about 75% are emails that I delete without even reading. I may or may not even read the subject line of the email!! Imagine that this also happens in the evening when I sit down to read the emails I received during the course of a day!! That’s a lot of unwanted messages and time wasted each day deleting emails!

Which must be why my subconscious threw out unsubscribe from unwanted emails right away when I was creating my small things list. For the past few days, I’ve consciously assessed every email that I receive using a few questions:

  • Is this email addressed directly to me?
  • Is there anything of value in this email?
  • Do I get anything out of receiving the email?
  • So far, I’d estimate that I’ve unsubscribed from around fifteen mailing lists that I’ve ended up on, one way or another. I feel a bit more free each time I do so. Electronic junk mail isn’t as obviously junky as the physical junk mail you receive at your door so sometimes it just may seem easier to delete delete delete without unsubscribing…it did for me until I’ve made a conscious effort to clean up my electronic inbox too.

    *junk mail would be anything that you consider to be superfluous, unnecessary, unwanted, a waste of time in your life. No value added, in essence.


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