The small things

Lately I’ve been feeling like there’s a little something missing from my life. Don’t get me wrong, I live a pretty great life as is. But there was still a nagging feeling…there’s something just not quite right.

A friend was talking about the next thing she wants to try: learning to ride a motorcycle. She has a list of small things that she just wants to try whenever she has the opportunity and time. Last year she learned to drive manual. That reminded me that I used to have a list of smaller things that I wanted to try or learn. Somehow, somewhere, that list had fallen off my desk of life. Had gotten lost among the pile of papers lying beneath my desk.

I realized at that moment that this was probably what I had been missing, and I was spot-on that it was a little something missing. More like a lot of little somethings. I too want to learn to drive manual, just for kicks. I also want to learn some Spanish, sew more tote bags, put up new closet rods and repaint the closet interiors, go to a Nordic spa, go on some waterslides, learn some HTML, understand how creative commons licenses work…. I realized that I can focus my life more effectively with a list of small things to try since it’s been challenging articulating the big things to do.


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