Treats of San Francisco

There is no shortage of good food in the beautiful city by the Bay and I wanted to share some of the treats that we just encountered, mostly by chance. The places that just make you smile because the service and the food is just so amazing.

JapaCurry (@JapaCurry)

This is a food truck that we happily came upon completely by luck. It was parked in the Financial District for lunchtime service and we had just enough space in our bellies for an order of tonkatsu curry at $8. They serve the curry in a plastic container, separate from the tonkatsu and rice, which helps keep the tonkatsu super crispy (yum!) and gave us a spare container for storing food on the go. It was a rarity to see food being served in plastic during our venture in San Francisco as all other places serve out of paper containers. Anyways, we had the curry spiced up and it had a decent kick. The sauce wasn’t all that I had thought it would be…but the tonkatsu was great.



XOX Truffles
745 Columbus Avenue (Little Italy area)

I love good artisan chocolate. We have a few in the Ottawa area but whenever I’m in another city, I like to seek out some local chocolatiers. In San Francisco, we lucked out at XOX Truffles. At a very affordable $0.75 per piece, there are easily a dozen different flavours to choose from, anything from green tea to French roast to honey vodka (sorry, my one photo of the display is quite blurry). The texture of these chocolates in your mouth is so smooth and the taste is mmmmmm. Definitely recommend saving space for a truffle or two from this place; you won’t regret it.



Pacific Puffs
2201 Union St (Union Street shops area)

Ever since I was young, I’ve had a very very soft spot for cream puffs. The choux has to be not too soft, definitely not soggy, and light and airy. There must be custard inside, not whipped cream…though I will settle for whipped cream if the choux is done well. Exploring the Union Street shops, an area new-to-me but clearly marked on my tourist map, we were just about to stray off Union Street when my eyes saw the word “Puffs” on an awning across the street. Could it be!?

Yes it is a shop that sells cream puffs! For $3.25, I got a regular cream puff and oh my goodness it was heaven in my mouth!


Smitten Ice Cream
432 Octavia at Linden Street

What do you get when you mix nitrogen, a refurbished steel cargo container, and deliciously sweet ingredients? Why, you get Smitten Ice Cream!

Opened a few years ago using an ice cream making contraption appropriately named Kelvin placed on a nostalgia-inducing red wagon from your childhood, the shop has expanded to occupy a steel container and two more Kelvins. Smitten uses cold cold nitrogen to create ice cream that it claims (rightfully so) to be creamier than regular frozen ice cream. Available in a choice of flavours each day and with fabulous toppings such as pistachio brittle and sugary cacao bits, any combo is bound to please. They also offer vegan Popsicles. We got two small sized cups of ice cream, which includes two scoops each, with one topping each for a total of $10.50.






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