Fortune cookies, cable cars, and sake! Oh my!

Three cools places that we visited in San Francisco, two that I hadn’t been to before and one that is free and so neat I will visit it each time I’m in the city.

The Fortune Cookie Factory
56 Ross Alley (very narrow alley…very easy to blink and miss it)

50 cents to take a photo inside. As little as $1.50 to pick up a small bag of fortune cookies. Free sample of a pre-shaped (ie.flat) fortune cookie too!


San Francisco Cable Car Museum
1201 Mason Street, serviced by cable cars if you don’t want to walk there

This museum is free and a must-see if you love cable cars or if you love seeing how things work. This is the hub where all of the cables that the cable cars run on, run through. There’s a cute little store inside where you can pick up San Fran souvenirs, great information to educate yourself on how a cable car runs, and awesome historical photographs.


True Sake
560 Hayes

If you enjoy sake, the Japanese rice alcohol, then you’ll want to visit True Sake. An entire store, devoted to the drink…imported from Japan.



One thought on “Fortune cookies, cable cars, and sake! Oh my!

  1. We visited that fortune cookie factory as well. When I first read about it, I envisioned this huge factory full of sweat shop labourers busily trying to fill the millions of orders of fortune cookies doled out daily at Authentic Chang’s Chinese-Canadian Kitchen and the like. So it was surprising to see the ‘factory’ was little more than a narrow bay tucked inside an alley with a couple little old ladies efficiently and ‘sweatshop free’-ly folding the round flat dough shapes into what we recognize as ‘fortune’ cookies. We bought a bag of the strawberry flavoured ones as a souvenir.

    Good times. Loving this blog too. Keep it up!

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