San Francisco food carts: Off the Grid Tuesday


Off the Grid Tuesday was at the UN Plaza near the Civic Center (City Hall) for lunch (11:30am to 2pm). There were five food trucks sitting on a concrete and brick plaza, forming a semicircle around folding chairs that had been set out for Off the Grid patrons. The setting was a juxtaposition of good food and those without home. We tried an item from four of the five food trucks but missed hiyaaa.

Chairman Truck (@chairmantruck)
Serving Chinese-influenced foods, mostly buns with various drool-evoking fillings. We had two steamed buns (how could we stop at just one!): pork belly with tumeric pickled daikon and green shiso and coca cola braised pork with savoy cabbage and preserved yellow mustard seeds. $3.75 each.




Old World Food Truck (twitter handle?)
Tried their pierogies. They had the traditional potato and cheese option, but they also offered a beef, dried fruit, and spices option that I’d never before encountered…so of course I had to try that! They were delicious but I also don’t think I’ve ever had pierogies that I didn’t think we’re delicious (ie. I am not a pierogi connoisseur in any way). $7.



Tandoori Chicken USA (@TCUSAmobile)
Various tandoor-inspired foods. Tried their shrimp pakoras for $6. I was imagining macerated shrimp, incorporated into a batter…something filling, pakora-esque and juicy. It ended up being shrimp coated in batter…juicy but not very filling and not quite the “pakora” I had been expecting.



Wesushi (@we_sushi)
I’ve had sushi pizza on numerous occasions now but sushi taco? Of course I had to try sushi tacos! For $4, you get two tacos, essentially sashimi and avocado in hard-shell tacos.



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