My Code of Food

I’ve been thinking more and more deeply about food and what is important to me when it comes to food and eating. There are a few core ideas that come to mind and I figure this is the start of my Food Code (kinda like a code of ethics).

  • time and care = quality.
  • you are what you eat, and you are what you’re eating ate, when it was alive (plant or animal).
  • you pay the true price of a good at the farmers’ market, instead of heavily-subsidized prices at the supermarket.
  • it’s important to understand what the land in your area can produce (and what it cannot).
  • it’s valuable to understand how your food was grown and under what conditions.
  • good food is nourishment for the stomach, the body, the mind, and the soul.
  • food should unite a community, whether it be with your partner, kids, friends, neighbours, family, colleagues….
  • being “certified organic” is not important but growing without pesticides and herbicides is important.

What would be a part of your Code of Food?


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