Tour of our CSA farm

I mentioned here that we’ve joined a CSA this year; that’s Community Supported Agriculture, where you buy a share into a farm’s harvest. You pay upfront for a share, or portion, of the year’s harvest and the farm is able to rely on that advance capital to help finance any infrastructure they need (plus seeds) and it also establishes a stable customer base, so that you know a certain proportion of your harvest will be purchased by someone (and not go to waste).

Anyways, we went for a tour of our CSA farm called Roots ‘n Shoots Farm. Select photos from our tour are below. We were super excited to see tons of tomato plants growing tall and strong, as well as gorgeous kale and garlic shoots coming out of the soil, and to learn that they had planted melons!! Some fruit trees have been planted on their land and they’re hoping to someday be able to provide CSA boxes all year round!

Can’t wait to see our first veggie box in just over a week.

Beautiful beautiful kale
New greenhouses for the farm



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