Sparkling water from yeast

After being quite proud of myself for making my own ginger ale, I learned that I could go a step further than I did by making my own carbonation instead of using sparkling water. Of course, we had to try it once we heard about it. Essentially you add yeast and water to the ginger ale syrup instead of sparkling water, then let it sit out at room temperature for about 2 days. After that, you let out the air and refrigerate, at which point it is ready to drink.

So to make ginger ale using sparkling water as your dilution compound, it takes less than 2 hours to make the drink. Using yeast and water, it takes 3 days. It was nice and fizzy after 3 days but it had a yeast-y flavour to it. I also noticed that any leftover yeast would sink to the bottom of the bottle, so if you were to drink the last cup from the bottle, the ginger ale would taste a bit fermented. The flavour isn’t as clean as it is with sparkling water either. BUT the drink was bubbly, which proved to me that yeast could do the trick but (a) it affects the flavour and (b) it takes a few days longer and requires pre-planning…in the end, I’ll probably just continue to use sparkling water.

Ginger ale made using water that has been carbonated by yeast

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