Review: Locavore Artisan Food Fair (LAFF) Spring Edition

Last fall was my first time at the Locavore Artisan Food Fair held in the trendy neighbourhood of Beechwood (just east of the Byward Market area). Here, you can find a gymnasium filled with vendors selling their artisan foods, anything from jams and preserves to sauces to coffee to prepared foods. It really is a delectable mix of delicious foods to consume. It was also jam packed with people – a great sign for a local event but also incredibly difficult to navigate through. I enjoyed a few samples and picked up a few Christmas gifts for friends.

For the first time ever, LAFF held a spring edition with a largely new set of vendors. Again, there was a good variety of foods available and although the even was steadily busy, the venue wasn’t as insanely packed as it was in the fall. The weather was fabulous and the vendors outside serving prepared meals (Stone Soup Foodworks and The Flatbread Pizza Company) had huge lines into the afternoon. Unfortunately, if you arrived too late, there were no wood-fired pizzas left for you to consume but I attest to their deliciousness (time and time again). There were picnic benches outside as well, to eat at with your friends and family.

Wood-fired wild boar sausage and mushrooms pizza
Can’t remember what exactly this was…all I can say is that it was a Mexican-style soup

We actually topped off our meal with an ice cream sandwich from Pascale’s All Natural Ice Cream. I was so excited to eat it that I didn’t even take a photo of it…but I can tell you that anything made by Pascale has been sent from heaven!

If you are a usual visitor to the crafts/artisan scene in Ottawa, a visit to LAFF would yield a lot of familiar faces. The community is fairly small but the calibre of foods that they create continue to be pretty high, so it never is a lost cause to drop by an event such as LAFF. You never know what new creations you may come across!


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