Possibly the best waffles I’ve EVER had

Brunch is always fun because the options are endless…you can have something that’s purely breakfast, purely lunch, or wonderful creations that are neither purely lunch nor breakfast.

Brunch with a great friend that you haven’t seen in almost two years is always fun because you share good food and good conversation. Nothing beats catching up with a great friend.

Then there’s brunch with a great friend in a beautiful trendy restaurant in Vancouver with exposed brick, wood beams, and a cozy but not crowded ambiance…how can you beat that!? Well, you can if this place happens to serve the best waffles and toppings that I have ever consumed!!

The restaurant is called Cafe Medina, located at 556 Beatty Street, and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At around 11am on a weekday, it was steadily busy with the occasional line but nobody had to wait long for a table. My friend informed me that their paella is supposed to be good (yes, they serve breakfast paella) but their waffles are fantastic. Be prepared but not alarmed that their waffle serving size is one and that waffle is on the smaller side (maybe 15cm in diameter…maybe?) because their waffle toppings are delicious! There was dark chocolate (I wanted to lick the bowl clean because it was so yummy but I refrained, opting to polish it off with my bread knife), salted caramel, milk chocolate lavender, raspberry caramel, and a few others including a berry compote (more standard waffle topper). The waffle is $3.15 plus $1 for the topping. Well worth it for me because have I mentioned that it was the best waffle I have ever eaten!?

Best waffles ever!

We knew the one waffle each wouldn’t fill us up so we also had the fricasse, which was two eggs (sunny side up) on a bed of watercress, braised short ribs, roasted herb potatoes, and caramelized onions, served with a thick slice of grilled focaccia. This was the perfect amount to fill us two ladies up.


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