A proud CSA member!

Our biggest local farmers’ market starts up this Sunday and I’m super excited, though I know it’ll be weeks before the bulk of local produce starts to show up. However, I’m even more excited by the fact that we’re into May now, and therefore June is just around the corner when we will start getting our veggie boxes from our CSA farm!!

This is my first year ever as a CSA member. We are pretty familiar with the local farms because we find ourselves perusing the stalls of at least one farmers’ market every weekend (of which there are a few to pick from) and buying from a smattering of them throughout the season. We did research the CSA farms, assessing any past experiences we have had with the farm or farmer, price of the share and the crops that they grow, convenience of food box pick-ups, distance from Ottawa, and our general feeling of like/dislike based on their websites. The growing and harvest seasons are pretty comparable for the farms that we looked into and the prices of shares was around $600 for 16 weeks (one food box per week). All the farms were vegetable-only, which sucks for us since we’re major fruit-lovers and consumers (especially when things are in season = heaven!!), but I’m also hoping to be forced to diversify the veggies I consume as a result of getting miscellaneous veggie boxes.

We ended up going with Roots and Shoots farm, which I’ve visited in the past, have loved the philosophy and the farmers behind it, and can attest to consistently good veggies firsthand. Oh and they grow lots of different types of veggies!! Plus, they’re actually not far from the city center and I think they’re technically within city parameters as well. They also offer a half share option, which is what we went with, because we don’t know if a full share would be too much for us and we definitely don’t want to waste food. We’d much rather just adjust along the way by supplementing when we go to the market instead, since we’ll still need to go to buy fruits, honey, grains, etc.

I think I’ll try to take photos of my biweekly boxes and post them here so that I can keep track of what we get and reassess the half share/full share choice next year.


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